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Books & Cupcakes September Book Photo Challenge - Day 18 - Recommended to Me.
If my dear and beloved friend Rafaela - athosporthosaramis - hadn’t recommended Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone to me in 2000, back when we were naive 10 year olds without a clue of how much pain a book can cause you, I probably wouldn’t love books the way I do now. I probably wouldn’t be a reader AT ALL. In the past few years she also recommended me books like City of Bones, The Hunger Games and Throne of Glass, which only helped feed my obsession with books and fictional worlds.

day 5: books in a bag

What’s more summery than a fun patterned book bag filled with all my favourite romance books?
(june book photo challenge hosted by books & cupcakes)

Added some red star “Christmas” lights to my bookshelf 

Haddon Hall, 1911, Edward William Cooke

罪人 + 情人

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